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     We had On The Spot Air put in an Air Filtration System with UV lights and I can already tell that there is a massive difference in our home. All of our family suffers from seasonal allergies, our oldest son being the worse. He has Asthma and seasonal allergies only aggravate his condition. With the pollen that has been flying around lately, he has been having a really rough time. We went with the option to have the UV light installed with our system and we have seen it work WONDERS!!! His allergy symptoms have diminished drastically!!! This means less medicine for him and peace of mind for all us! We all sleep better at night and don’t wake up in the morning with clogged noses and throats. This works WAY better than the one room "air purifier" we bought for our son's room and we were surprised at how affordable it was! Now we can all benefit from this system in EVERY room, 24 hours a day!!! We LOVE this system and only wish we knew about it sooner!!!


     We also had Randy, and his team, move our filter to below our A/C & Heating unit in our garage. It seemed easy for him to adapt our unit to put it right there. Our ceiling, where our return is located, is 12 feet tall. I was always very worried for my husband to climb the tall ladder and reach up to change our filters; and I wasn’t going to do it for fear that I would fall. By having him change the location, either one of us can easily reach the filter to change it out. We even signed up for On The Spot Air’s Club Membership, so that they come and change it for us. Now either of us won’t even ever have to bother with it again.


     In short, we have been VERY SATISFIED with the products and service we have had from On The Spot Air!!! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you giving On The Spot Air a call and try this system out for your home!!!


Eddie & Patty 


 - - -


We had On The Spot Air install UV lights.  We are extremely satisfied with the installation time, cleanliness of the install and the overall response of Randy and his team.  We have pets and this helps with the overall air quality in our home.  We are now breathing easier and have the knowledge that the air is cleaner.  I know that I can count on Randy and his team to respond to our home in case of any problems with our system.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND On The Spot Air for all you’re A/C needs.


Doug & Linda 


- - -

We are so relieved to know that we are breathing clean air!! Randy was very knowledgeable, helpful, and polite in installing our filtration system.


Tom & Barbara


- - -


Your workers did a good job and were very professional. I would recommend your company to anyone who asks me. Once again, thank you for a real good job.


Leo & Margaret


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We got the whole clean air system from On The Spot Air and couldn't be happier. They are professional and reliable; we highly recommend them. 


Brent & Debbie


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